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Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)

Emma Swan, Snow White’s daughter

The Emma Swan figure is inspired by the outfit she wears during a good part of season 1 and on many promo pictures of this period. We can see these jeans worn with brown boots and her famous red leather jacket. His face is very simple but we find well his pretty blond curly hair.


The rescuer

Emma Swan is the main character of the series Once Upon A Time”. In this series, many fairy tale characters have been plunged into a world without magic by the Evil Queen and no longer remember their true identity. They live in Storybrook, Maine. When the son Emma abandoned 10 years ago comes to see her to tell her that she is Snow White’s daughter and that she alone can counter the evil queen’s spell, she doesn’t believe him but decides to stay in Storybrook to make sure her son is okay.


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