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Pting (Doctor Who)

Ugly little beast

For this exclusive figurine at SDCC 2019, Funko has represented this funny bug that recently appeared in the series. It is a pink-gray vaguely humanoid creature of rather small size. His body is rather plump with clawed feet and hands with four fingers. His face is large with large black eyes, a very flat nose and a small mouth revealing sharp teeth. Finally, on the top of his head, he has four kinds of antennae which are rather short and thicker at the ends.


Dangerous creature

The Pting are an alien race encountered by the Thirteenth Doctor in the famous British science fiction series Doctor Who. These creatures, despite their relatively harmless appearance, are in fact very dangerous. They can feed on anything that is not organic but more precisely on energy. They can therefore devour an atomic bomb while hardly being affected by the explosion. One of these creatures will even try to devour the anti-matter core of the Tsarunga ship. The thirteenth doctor will save the ship by attracting the Pting with a detonator and then send it into space to get rid of it.


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