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Pumpkin Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

Stitch Halloween version

Stitch is represented here in a Halloween atmosphere wearing a pumpkin as a disguise. We find his little blue body with clawed paws but it is mainly hidden by the orange pumpkin that he wears as a disguise. On his head, we find his big dark blue nose and his big ears as well as this big mouth open on a large smile. On his head, he wears the top of the pumpkin like a hat.


An adorable little monster

Stitch is the famous hero of the cartoon Lilo and Stitch, one of the last traditional animated cartoons from Disney Studios. He is an alien created in a laboratory to be smart and strong but also very mean. When his creator is arrested, Stitch is sentenced to exile but he escapes during his transfer and finds himself on Earth. He is mistaken for a dog and is taken to a kennel where he is adopted by Lilo and her older sister. He plays along at first because it allows him to escape his pursuers who are under orders not to hurt any human. But for a creature programmed for evil, it is difficult to adapt to life in this small family and on the small island of Hawaii. However, against all odds, Stitch will become attached to his new family who will also end up accepting him as one of their own.


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