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Hula Lilo (Lilo et Stitch)

Lilo dancer

Funko has represented Lilo with her hula dancer outfit as we see her at the beginning of the movie for this exclusive figurine. We find the traditional outfit composed of a leaf skirt, leaf bracelets on the wrists and ankles and a small bra without straps. We also find her long black hair decorated with a crown of leaves and the whole figure is very dynamic since her hips are turned to the left, her arms raised in the same direction and her hair also moving there.


A little girl like no other

Lilo is one of the heroines of the Disney cartoon Lilo and Stitch. She is a little Hawaiian girl living with her big sister since the death of their parents. Life is a bit complicated in terms of relationships and money but the two sisters try to get by. One day, they decide to adopt a dog to add a little life to their home. The one Lilo chooses is rather strange, but she doesn’t know that the one she calls Stitch isn’t a dog at all but an alien resulting from a genetic experiment that ended up on Earth while trying to escape from the ship that was transporting him to a galactic prison. Stitch will take advantage of this family to continue to hide but his great intelligence mixed with his natural nastiness will not help the two young girls and he will make a series of catastrophes. However, with time he will end up getting attached to Lilo and vice-versa.


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