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Summer Stitch (Lilo Et Stitch)

An alien in summer

Funko has decided to represent Stitch enjoying the summer in Hawaii in this new exclusive figure. He is shown standing on his hind legs enjoying a Popsicle. His body is blue and his paws rather clawed. He has his mouth wide open and his tongue out to lick his pink water ice whose cone is yellow and turquoise. On his head, we find his two big ears and he also wears a pair of red sunglasses.


Stitch fits well

Stitch is one of the two main characters in the Disney cartoon Lilo and Stitch, one of the last traditional animated cartoons from Disney Studios. He is an alien genetic experiment that made him very strong and intelligent but also very mean. He takes advantage of his transportation to an alien prison to escape and ends up on Earth. Mistaken for a kind of dog, he is sent to a kennel where he is adopted by Lilo and Nani, two young orphan girls. He decides to stay with them because it allows him to benefit from their protection since the agents sent to retrieve him have orders not to harm humans. Stitch will have to learn to live with the young Lilo and to behave like a faithful animal, which is not easy when he is programmed to be very mean. However, as Lilo introduces him to life on the island of Hawaii, Stitch will grow to love and even bond with his new family.


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