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Stitch Baker (Lilo & Stitch)

Stitch cooks

For this exclusive figure at the New Yrok Comic Con, Funko decided to represent Stitch as he is seen in the images of the end credits of the movie, with a cake in his hands. He stands on his hind legs and wears purple and white oven mitts on his front legs. The cake is white and very thick with red and blue decorations on top. At the level of the head, he wears a big smile and an air a little surprised. Finally, we find his two big pink ears and his white chef’s hat on the top of his head.


A little monster full of love

Stitch is one of the heroes of the cartoon Lilo & Stitch from the Disney studios, one of the last to have been made in traditional animation. It takes place in Hawaii in the little family of Lilo and her big sister Nani, whose parents are dead and who try to manage as they can. It is then that Stitch, an alien who crashed on Earth after escaping from the ship that was taking him to another planet in exile. Indeed, this one is a scientific experiment with impressive nastiness and destructive power. But when Lilo decides to adopt him, taking him for a dog, Stitch plays along in order to escape the men sent in pursuit. The beginning is difficult but against all odds, Stitch will end up getting attached to this small broken family that becomes his own. Eventually, the people sent to bring him back into exile are sympathetic and decide to leave him on Earth where he can live a happy life with Lilo, Nani and his new friends.


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