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Stitch Valentine (Lilo & Stitch)

Stitch in love

Stitch has been represented here holding a little heart. This is not a scene that we see in the movie but just a figurine on the theme of Valentine’s Day. Stitch is represented sitting with his blue body and his paws with clawed fingers. His head is tilted to the side with his big eyes and his big blue nose. His ears with pink insides are raised on the sides. Finally, he holds a small red heart surrounded by pink embroidery and on which is written be mine” with a paw print.


Learn to love

Stitch is one of the main characters of the cartoon Lilo and Stitch. He is an alien and the result of a genetic experiment that made him a seemingly harmless creature but in fact very strong, very mean and very smart. He is sentenced to exile on a desert planet but he escapes during his transfer and ends up on Earth, more precisely in Hawaii. He is mistaken for a dog and adopted by Lilo and her older sister who have been living alone since their parents died. If at the beginning, he decides to stay because it helps him to hide from those who are looking for him, he will also end up getting attached to his new family but he will have to learn about love and what it can do when it doesn’t destroy everything around him.


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