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Stitch (Lilo et Stitch)

An evil stuffed animal

Although Stitch once passed himself off as a dog, his general appearance is closer to that of a koala bear. And for an evil” creature to look like an adorable stuffed animal is pretty frustrating! Obviously, for his body, Funko could not keep one of its classic figurine models but faithfully reproduced the character. We can see his blue and turquoise body and his clawed paws which make him look like a koala. Note that Funko chose to represent him in his camouflaged form of dog, and not in his real form with two extra arms and some kind of antennas. For his head, we find the classic shape of pop figurines with large black eyes. But the creators of the figurine had to add his big black koala nose and his big smile with sharp teeth! Finally, they didn’t forget to add her big pink ears, making this adorable figure a must-have for your collection.


A strange little dog

Stitch is one of the main characters of the animated film of the Disney studios Lilo and Stitch”. This movie set in Hawaii is one of the last films in traditional animation (except for various sequels released directly on video). Stitch is an alien, more precisely the result of a genetic manipulation experiment that made him a very intelligent, very strong and destructive creature. But unfortunately for him his appearance is anything but terrifying. During the journey that takes him and his creator to the planet where they are to be imprisoned, he manages to escape. He steals a ship and crashes to earth in Hawaii. Being mistaken for a kind of dog, he is taken to a shelter where he meets Lilo. Lilo lives with her older sister Nani, who has been fighting for Lilo’s custody since their parents died. When they go together to the shelter, it is Stitch that Lilo chooses to adopt in spite of his strange appearance. Lilo sees it as a way to escape the aliens who have come to take him back to his planet. Stitch is created to be a bad guy and he takes great pleasure in destroying everything in his path. But as he comes into contact with this broken little family, he discovers other, more positive feelings within himself


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