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Rainbow Unicorn (Inside Out)

A colorful character

Rainbow Unicorn is represented here as we see her in the cartoon, that is to say with a star attitude with a disillusioned expression and holding a cup of coffee in one hand. She is standing on her hind legs and her body is entirely white except for the tips of her legs which are white. She has a large purple and pink horn on top of her head and a very well coiffed mane with rainbow colors.


A real star

The Rainbow Unicorn is a unicorn that is part of the dream world of young Riley, the character at the center of the Disney Studios cartoon Inside Out. Indeed, the cartoon takes place mainly in the emotional command center of the young girl at a crucial moment of her childhood. All is well until the day when Sadness touches a key memory of the girl to transform it into something sad and Joy is lost in the meanders of the brain of the girl. She will have to find her way back to the command center and will thus meet many of the characters who populate her dreams. She will find herself on the set in charge of staging the girl’s dreams and meet Rainbow Unicorn, a real star here since the girl is a big fan of him.


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