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Sadness (Inside Out)

Not easy to be so sad

Logically, Sadness is kind of the opposite of Joy’s character. Where one is full of color and has a positive attitude, the other is monochromatic and has a much more withdrawn attitude. That doesn’t stop this figure from being as adorable as the others in the series. Like in the movie, Sadness is all blue and rather round. She is dressed in a slightly darker blue than her skin and a light blue turtleneck sweater. She stands with her hands crossed in front of her in a very shy attitude. Her head is blue like the rest of her body and we can see her small round glasses as well as her sad look, her small round nose and her sad mouth. Finally as the rest of his body, his hair is blue (but a little darker) and we find his characteristic square cut.


Poor Sadness

Sadness is one of the central characters in the Disney Pixar Studios animated film Inside Out. This animated film tells the story of young Riley. On the day of her birth, five important emotions are activated and take place in the control center of her brain to influence and store her memory and actions. Everything goes perfectly well until the day Riley moves to a new city and it becomes more difficult to be happy all the time. Sadness unintentionally turns happy memories into sad ones and the five emotions lose control. Sadness and Joy will get stuck in the meanders of the little girl’s brain and the other emotions will have to do what they can to push Riley in the right direction.


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