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Raiponce avec lanterne (Raiponce)

Raiponce found the lanterns

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has depicted Rapunzel holding one of the famous lanterns that have fascinated her all her life. She wears this long purple dress flying in the wind with pink balloon sleeves. Her very long blond hair is pulled back in a very long braid falling to the ground. This one is decorated with smaller braids but also with flowers. In her hands, she holds a yellow lantern decorated with the symbol of the sun representing her family.


Dream of a lifetime

Raiponce is the heroine of the Disney Studios cartoon Tangled, based on the famous Grimm Brothers fairy tale. When her parents were unable to have children, Rapunzel was born thanks to the magic flower found in the forest. This gave Rapunzel magical hair that could heal. But this attracted the witch who had been using the flower for hundreds of years to stay young. She kidnapped young Rapunzel and raised her in a tower away from the world, making her believe that the world was very dangerous. But as she grows up, Rapunzel wants to see the world and especially the lanterns she sees in the distance on her birthday. Then a thief comes and takes refuge in her tower. Rapunzel hides the crown he has stolen and offers to give it back to him if he accompanies her to the place where the lanterns are released. He accepts, and along the way they both discover more about themselves than they ever expected.


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