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Rapunzel Ultimate (Raiponce)

Raiponce the artist

Funko has represented her on the colorful floor of her tower, getting ready to paint. Indeed, the girl has only known this place for as long as she can remember, so she keeps herself busy as she can, painting all the walls of her tower with flowers, lanterns and anything else she can see from outside. She is standing barefoot and wearing her famous purple dress, dark on the bottom and with pink balloon sleeves on top. Her very long blonde hair falls down her back and wraps around her feet. In her hand, she holds her palette with several colors on it. In the other, she holds her brush with red paint on the end. Finally, Pascal, her chameleon friend is standing on her head.


The locked princess

Rapunzel is the heroine of the Disney cartoon Rapunzel (Tangled in VO) inspired by the Grimm brothers’ tale of the same name. Her mother was healed by a magical flower before she was born, so Rapunzel was born with magical hair that can heal and rejuvenate people who use it. For this reason, she was kidnapped as a baby by the witch who used this flower before in order to always stay young. The witch keeps Rapunzel prisoner in a tower, telling her that the outside world is too dangerous for her. However, Rapunzel dreams of traveling the world, especially to explain the lanterns she sees in the sky every year on her birthday. One day, while the witch is away, a thief breaks into her tower to escape his accomplices, with a crown he stole from the king. Rapunzel sees her chance. She knocks him out and hides the crown, asking him to escort her to the place where the lanterns are thrown. And only when she returns, she will give him back the crown. But on the way, the two will get to know each other and feelings will be born.


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