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Flynn (Raiponce)

A recurring gag

For this exclusive figurine, Funko depicted Flynn holding one of the posters saying he was wanted. During the movie, he finds many times posters with his portrait saying he is wanted and each time, his nose is very badly represented and in a different way. He wears here his beige pants with brown boots and an elegant green jacket on a white shirt. We find his brown hair and his little goatee and an eyebrow is raised to express surprise. He is also carrying his satchel containing the crown and he is holding a portrait of himself in his hand where his nose is exaggeratedly large and humped.


A thief with a big heart

Flynn Rider is one of the main characters of the Disney cartoon Tangled (Rapunzel in French) freely adapted from the Grimm brothers’ tale. Flynn is an orphan who has become a wanted thief and is also the narrator of the story. At the beginning of the film, he steals the crown of the king and queen of the kingdom with two accomplices. Chased by the guards, he abandons his accomplices in the forest and takes refuge in a strange tower with the crown. This is the life that Rapunzel lives, which knocks him out and hides the crown. Her mother has always forbidden her to leave the tower, but the young woman is determined to go to the place where lanterns are thrown on her birthday every year. And she needs a guide. She offers Flynn a guide in exchange for returning the crown. He accepts, planning to get rid of her as soon as possible, but of course he ends up falling in love with her.


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