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Raptor (Fortnite)

A look to look cool

This skin allows the player to look like a test pilot. He wears black pants with big brown leather boots that match the jacket with the skin detail. To add color to this look, the laces of his boots and gloves are yellow, matching the hood that hides almost all of his head apart from the eyes. To finish the outfit, he wears a headset on his ears which is theoretically used to communicate when he is in flight.


A skin that looks good

The raptor is the name of one of the many skins that the player can buy or earn in the online video game Fortnite, and especially in its Battle Royale version. It is one of the legendary skins, which means that it only appears on the store very rarely and for a short time, which, in addition to its high cost, makes it a very difficult to obtain and highly sought after outfit. It allows the player to look like an air force test pilot


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