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Reconnaissance Dalek (Doctor Who)

An ancient Dalek

This Dalek recognition has a very similar design to the other Daleks, it is just much more worn and damaged after spending over 11 centuries underground. Its surface is therefore mostly rusted. We find this rather squat shape with some kind of balls by lines of three on the whole base of the robot. On the top, we find a rounded element with a kind of blue eye which makes us think that it is the head of the Dalek with also two kind of antennas on the sides.


The very first Dalek

The Dalek was the very first to leave the planet Skaro and come to Earth in the 9th century to gather information about humans. He fought a human army of three previously warring peoples and was defeated after many casualties. The survivors decided to cut him into three pieces and bury each piece in three different places. But the third one was killed by an arrow before he could complete his task. Because of this, this part was easily found and reactivated, calling the other two back to it.


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