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Red Nose Raider (Fortnite)

An adorable warrior

This exclusively female skin represents a young woman wearing red tights and a Christmas wool sweater. She still wears the gloves and boots that all the players wear, but she stands out especially by the antlers and reindeer ears she has on her head, as well as the little red nose painted on her face to remind her of Rudolph. Finally, her weapon is an axe decorated with a big red bow.


Killing zombies with Christmas spirit

Red Nose Raider is one of the legendary skins that players can purchase from the Fortnite Battle Royale online video game store. So it’s not a full-fledged character but rather a complete appearance that the player can adopt and change during the game and that can give him additional abilities or armor points. This can of course be useful since the goal of this version of the game is to succeed in surviving both the zombies and the other players and, ideally, to remain the last one alive on the map.


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