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Ron Weasley avec Choixpeau (Harry Potter)

An important moment

Ron is shown sitting on the high stool on the dais in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. He is wearing his Hogwarts uniform, grey pants, a matching sweater with a tie and of course his black wizard robe. At the head level, we can recognize his red hair and his frowned eyebrows, clearly frightened by the situation. Finally, on his head, we can see the brown leather hat whose folds form a rather grumpy face.


A Young Boy’s Beginnings

Ron Weasley is one of Harry Potter’s two best friends, the hero of the famous literary and cinematic saga. Ron is the second to last of a very large family of wizards, all with red hair. At the beginning of the saga, his two older brothers have already finished their studies, his older brother Percy is almost finished, and his brothers, the twins Fred and George, have already been at Hogwarts for a year. Ron meets Harry Potter and Hermione on the train that takes them all to school. Ron’s whole family has always been part of Gryffindor house, and when Ron finally goes under the flag to be placed in his house, there is a lot of pressure on him. Luckily he is placed in Gryffindor and so are his friends Harry and Hermione.


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