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Ron Weasley herbology (Harry Potter)

A character not reassured

Like Harry and Hermione, Ron is represented with his outfit of the course of herbology for this new wave of figures. Only his gray pants, his black shoes and his red and gold tie with the colors of Gryffindor. On his head, we can see his famous red hair and he looks particularly worried because he is holding in his hands one of the mandrake roots represented screaming, unhappy that it was removed from its pot. Fortunately, like his friends, Ron wears earmuffs on his head to protect him, which could literally knock him out for hours.


A year that starts badly for Ron

Ron is the best friend of Harry Potter, the famous little wizard hero of the saga of the same name. After an eventful first year, the second year also begins on the hats of wheel for the two friends. Indeed, at the time to pass on the platform to take the Hogwarts express, this one closed again without reason and they are blocked in London. They decide to take Ron’s father’s flying car to try to catch up with the train. But the car passing too close to the willow tree when arriving at Hogwarts, they are frankly badly handled and the wand of Ron is almost entirely broken in two. This will of course cause many problems during the year. At the beginning of the year, Ron discovers new subjects and new courses, in particular one on the roots of mandrake with which one can create a potion to wake up people having been petrified, which will prove very useful very quickly.


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