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Ron Weasley Quidditch World Cup (Harry Potter)

Ready for the Final

For this NYCC 2020 exclusive figure, Ron is shown here as he is seen at the Quidditch World Cup Final at the beginning of the fourth film. He is wearing khaki pants with a matching jacket, brown shoes and a black, yellow and green striped t-shirt. In his hand, he holds a strange device that serves both as binoculars and to make noise and light while he watches the game. At the level of the head, we find his red hair and he painted symbols on the face, a K for Viktor Krum and the flag of Bulgaria. Finally, he posts a kind of red bowler hat.


A lifelong passion

Ron is one of the main characters of the Harry Potter saga. He is the second to last of a very large family, all wizards for generations. He meets Harry Potter, the hero of the saga, in the train that brings them for the first time to the school of magic Hogwarts. They become fast friends and Harry being new in this world, Ron is going to serve him a little as a guide. Ron lives a bit in the shadow of his brothers, not as bright as his three older brothers or even his little sister and not as popular or as good at quidditch as his two brothers, the twins Fred and George. In the fourth film, he goes to the World Cup with his family and Hermione and Harry, whom his family has almost adopted, Harry’s family having little love for him. They go to the final between Bulgaria and Ireland and Ron is particularly impressed by Viktor Krum, one of the players of the Bulgarian team. Two years later, he makes it to the Gryffindor Quidditch team alongside Harry and his sister Ginny.


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