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Sally in Cat Cart (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

On the way to Halloween

Sally is pictured here in a black cat wagon for this new Pop Trains. This series of figures all have a hook that allows them to hang on to another car and another hangs behind. Sally’s wagon is shaped like a black cat’s head, like the one she spends a lot of time with in the cartoon. Sally is in the wagon and only her upper body is sticking out. We find her blue skin and the multiple seams on her face and body. She is wearing a patchwork dress with different colors and has both hands on the edge of the wagon. At the head level, we find her red mouth and her long red hair floating in the wind.

An adorable doll

Sally is an important character in Tim Burton’s stop motion animation The Nightmare Before Christmas. The cartoon takes place in the town of Halloween where everyone is preparing for some terrifying festivities. Only, Jack Skellington, the star of the festivities, is feeling weary and not as excited as usual about the festivities. Sally is a sewn-up rag doll created by the town’s mad scientist. She keeps trying to run away and get her own life, but he always catches her. When Jack discovers the Christmas town where everyone seems happy and decides to kidnap Santa, Sally tries to stop him. She knows that this will not make Jack happy. Eventually we realize that Sally is in love with him and at the end of the cartoon he will realize that he is in love with her.


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