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Sarah Jane (Doctor Who)

One of the most famous companions of the Doctor

Sarah Jane is the companion of the Doctor in the 70’s, we can see the influence of this period on her look. She wears the famous red striped overalls that we see her wearing during many episodes. She wears the sneakers and the matching t-shirt. At the level of the head, we find the haircut very characteristic of this time.


Another time traveler

Sarah Jane is an important character during several seasons of the older generation of the Doctor Who series. In this series, we follow the adventures of the Doctor, an alien who travels in time and space thanks to a ship having the shape of an English police box: the TARDIS. Sarah Jane is the companion of the third and fourth doctors during four seasons. She will also reappear in a special episode of the new generation and will play in two spin-off series: K9 And Company and The Sarah Jane Adventures.


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