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Scar with flames (Le Roi Lion)

A cult scene

Funko has depicted Scar here during his famous singing scene where he reveals his plan to take power to his hyena army. He is in an underground cave and, as in this scene, surrounded by mysterious green fumaroles. He is shown walking with his dark brown fur and black mane. His mouth is open with a devilish smile and one of his two yellow eyes is surrounded by a big scar which of course gave him his name.


A charismatic villain

Scar is the uncle of the young Simba in the Disney cartoon The Lion King, and the big bad of the story. Simba is the newborn son of the king of the jungle, Mufasa, and is destined to become the next king when he grows up. Unfortunately, the king’s brother Scar, who has always been jealous of his brother, thinks that this role would suit him much better. He decides to manipulate young Simba into putting himself in danger and warns his father to come and help him. Mufasa saves Simba from a herd of buffalo that could have killed him, but Mufasa ends up hanging by a leg on the edge of a cliff and Scar takes the opportunity to push him off the cliff to his death. He then convinces Simba that it is his fault, that no one will forgive him and that his only solution is to flee. He can then put his plan into action and become the new king, helped by his band of hyenas to whom he has promised a place in his new world in exchange for their help.


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