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Seraphina Picquery (Fantastic Beasts)

A Majestic Appearance

Seraphina perfectly combines the usual mage attire with 1920s fashion. She wears a long black dress with a tight waist and finely reproduced gold details. The style is not without reminding the art deco, very fashionable at this period. On the head, her face is simple but we also recognize very well this particularly majestic hairstyle in gold metal covering her hair completely. We can see many details of flowers and birds.


The American Minister of Magic

Seraphina Picquery is the American Minister of Magic in Fantastic Beasts, the film set in the Harry Potter universe in the 1920s. We follow the adventures of Newt Scamander, an English wizard who has come to the United States to continue writing his bestiary of animals from the fantasy world. In the confusion of his arrival, he exchanges his suitcase filled with many of these creatures with that of a nomaj (muggle for the Americans) who lets some of them escape unhappily. At the same time, a strange evil force is killing people in New York City and a Ministry of Magic employee seems to think that it might be one of Newt’s creatures. She arrests him and brings him before Seraphina Picquery, the Minister of Magic, and the Grand Council to stand trial.


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