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Zouwu glow in the dark (The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

A superb creature

Funko has represented the zouwu in a calm posture, sitting on his back legs. His brown coat is very nicely reproduced with lighter hairs at the ends giving his mane the appearance of being on fire. His large mouth is slightly open and leaves four large fangs protruding, adding a boar-like quality to his otherwise rather feline appearance. Finally, we find of course this strange long multicolored tail and its clawed paws reminding them, rather, a kind of bird of prey.


A stroke of luck for this creature

The Zouwu is one of the fantastic creatures encountered by Newt Scamander in the film The Crimes of Grindelwald, the sequel to The Fantastic Beasts. Both films take place in the world of Harry Potter but in the early 1920’s in the United States and follow the adventures of the wizard Newt Scamander who, initially coming to complete his guide to fantastic animals, finds himself involved in much bigger stories. In this second installment, he is sent by Dumbledore to investigate Gellert Grindelwald who has escaped from prison. To do this, he must also find the young Cretan, who Grindelwald is very interested in, and that’s how he ends up on the trail of a circus. It is there that Newt meets the zouwu, a kind of very large feline resembling a lion and being able to move particularly quickly. This one had been captured and used as a fairground animal. Newt will rescue him and welcome him in the magical world of his suitcase, hoping to release him later in his natural environment.


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