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Figurines Pop Movie Moments Grindelwald and Thestral (The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

A spectacular escape

For this movie moment, Funko decided to represent Grindelwald at the time of his escape. He is depicted on the cobblestone floor of the prison roof with his slightly unkempt look. His light blond hair has grown out, as well as his beard, and his clothes are not as elegant as what he wears later on. It is a simple gray suit with a black coat over it. He holds his wand in his right hand and we also notice his blind white eye. He is accompanied by a thestral, these creatures mixing horse, bat and bird with a skeletal appearance, only visible to those who have already seen death in the face. This one has its wings spread and is ready to fly.


A spectacular escape

Gellert Grindelwald is one of the main characters of the movie The Crimes Of Grindelwald, following the first movie of the Fantastic Beasts saga taking place at the beginning of the twentieth century in the Harry Potter universe. At the end of the first film, we discovered that Grindelwald had taken the appearance of Percival Graves from the Ministry of Magic to influence a young boy whose repressed powers had created a sort of devastating monster. At the beginning of the second film, he is in prison and visited by a member of the American Ministry of Magic who is actually sympathetic to his cause and helps him escape. Grindelwald is then able to organize a gathering to try to recruit new sympathizers to his cause: to lift the secret on the world of magic in order to be able to live free. And if this quest for freedom seems rather justified, it hides, in the case of Grindelwald, a will to reign as master over the muggles, which of course makes him a kind of precursor to Voldemort.


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