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Fwooper (The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

A very beautiful animal

Funko has represented this beautiful and colorful bird for this exclusive figurine. His plumage is a gradient of pinks and purples with a pattern on his face reminiscent of an owl. His beak is yellow and he has big raptor claws, but what makes him so special are the long feathers on the top of his head and especially on his tail, ending in a kind of green feather duster and serving as feathers for writing in the wizard world.


A funny bird

The fwooper is a bird of African origin that we see briefly in the Fantastic Beasts movies. Indeed, Newt Scamander has one in his magic suitcase and we can see it several times. Its scream can drive people crazy and that’s why it’s imperative to have a silence charm in place at all times if you want to own one. The wizard Uric The Oddball had conducted experiments to try to prove that his cry could in fact benefit the health of wizards but the results were not really convincing.


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