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Pickett (The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

A funny little branch

As we can see in the movie, Picket looks a bit like a stick insect but with a more humanoid attitude and a much higher intelligence than an insect since even if he doesn’t speak, he understands perfectly what is going on around him. Its body is green with three legs whose color turns to brown or yellow. It also has two long arms with a variable number of fingers that remind its vegetal side. It has two big leaves starting from the top of its head and an almost human face with its two big black eyes. We can also see that he sticks out his tongue in a childish attitude.


A charming pet

Pickett is a small fantastic creature that we discovered in the movie Fantastic Beasts taking place in the Harry Potter universe and that we find in the sequel: The Crimes of Grindelwald. In this movie, we find again Newt Scamander who, on request of Dumbledore, is going to launch out in search of Grindelwald, one of the most dangerous and powerful wizards of his time, well decided to reveal the world of the magic to the great day with the aim that the wizards become the masters of the muggles whom he regards as inferior. Pickett is a small creature that Newt took in and has remained loyal to him. He seems to be a sort of mix between an insect and a plant. Although he doesn’t speak, he has a strong personality and can easily get angry if Newt does something wrong.


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