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Demiguise (Fantastic Beasts)

The demiguise in visible version

Funko has of course chosen to represent the character in its visible version for this figurine. The demiguise has more or less the look of a monkey with his pink face and his hands and feet with opposable thumbs. His white fur gives him the appearance of a gentle yeti and his longer facial hair gives the impression of a long beard, making him look like an old Chinese sage. The look of his fur is very nicely represented and makes this figure one of the most successful for this movie. Note that it also exists in a transparent version in exclusivity.


An invisible character

The demiguise is one of the creatures in the movie Fantastic Beasts, inspired by the Harry Potter universe. This one is particularly inspired by the book fantastic beasts and where to find them” written by J.K. Rowling under the name of Newt Scamander and listing all the creatures of the magical world. This movie tells the story of young Newt Scamander traveling to New York to complete the writing of his book. When he arrives by boat in the 20’s and in the confusion, his suitcase containing many creatures is exchanged with that of a muggle. This one lets escape several and Newt Scamander will have to find them, finding himself at the same time involved in a story of murders much more serious. Among these creatures is the demiguise, an adorable creature with white fur that is not very dangerous but has the ability to make itself invisible, which will of course make it particularly difficult to find.


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