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Shanks (One Piece)

A true pirate look

Shanks has of course been represented with his famous red hair which gives the name to his ship. He wears short pants with sandals, a white shirt and a long dark blue cape that hides his missing left arm from an encounter with a sea monster. With his right hand, he holds the hilt of the sword hanging from his waist. Finally, there are the three scars around his eye caused by the pirate Blackbeard.


The captain of the Red

Shanks is an important character of the manga and the anime One Piece. She is not one of the main characters but a recurring character and particularly important during some arcs of the series. Like many of the characters, he is a pirate, the captain of the ship Le Roux. He is the one who pushed Luffy, the hero, to become a pirate. He is the one who gave him his famous straw hat that he got from the famous pirate captain Gol D roger. He is a pirate who appreciates above all this free way of life and who does not seek confrontation with other pirates, being on the contrary rather friendly most of the time.


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