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Luffy Gear Four (One Piece)

An impressive physique

Luffy is represented here using this technique. He is surrounded by a kind of white smoke and seems to levitate above the ground. We can see that his whole body is inflated with his torso becoming very large, his usual vest not covering him at all. As it is always the case when he uses this technique his limbs become very dark red and he can’t fit into his shoes anymore. Finally, at the level of his head, his muscles are also inflated, which gives him a particularly nasty look.


A pirate warrior

Luffy, whose full name is Monkey D. Luffy is the main character of the One Piece manga and anime set in a pirate world. He is the captain of the pirate ship The Straw Hat and the unwilling leader of the Straw Hat fleet even though he refuses to accept this role officially. For him, being a pirate is all about freedom and he refuses to deprive anyone of that freedom. He is the oldest crew member of the ship (since he is the founder) and also one of the three warriors, probably the most powerful despite his rather harmless appearance. He ate one of the demon fruits when he was younger and can therefore extend his limbs at will. He also knows other techniques like the Gear Four which allows him to inflate all his muscles, making him so tense that he bounces and can’t stay on the ground for a long time.


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