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Luffytaro (One Piece)

A new look for the pirate

Luffy is thus represented here as he is dressed during part of this arc and on the cover of the corresponding manga. He wears a red kimono patched with blue patterned fabric and simple red flip-flops. At the head level, his black hair falls around his head in disordered strands and the rest is tied in a bun on the top of his head. Finally, we find the small scar under his left eye. Luffy is represented here in an attack posture, ready to fight.


The adventures of a pirate

Luffytaro is the alias that Luffy adopts during an entire arc of the manga and the animated series One Piece. Luffy is the central character of this manga taking place in a pirate world. He is the captain of the pirate ship The Straw Hat and, like most pirates, he is in search of the famous One Piece treasure. Like many of his crew members, Luffy has eaten one of the famous demon fruits that give him certain powers. In this case, it allows him to extend his limbs as far as he wants. In the Wano Kuni arc, Luffy and his crew find themselves in the land of the Wa and when he finds himself alone after being sucked into a whirlpool during a storm, he adopts the name of Luffytaro.


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