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Tonytony Chopper (One Piece)

An adorable mascot

Tonytony was designed by the creator of One Piece to be an adorable mascot and we find that with this figurine. Although he is a reindeer, he stands, as in the series, on his back legs like a human. We can see his beige skin and his hooves on his feet and hands as well as his outfit composed of red shorts and a white and yellow striped t-shirt. At the level of the head, we find his small blue nose as well as his large antlers on the side of his head. Finally, he wears his famous red and blue hat.


The ship’s doctor

TonyTony Chopper is one of the main characters of the famous manga/animated cartoon One Piece. It follows the adventures of a crew of pirates in an imaginary world covered mostly by oceans. The crew of the Chapeau De Paille” dreams of finding the “One Piece”, the legendary treasure of the famous pirate Gol D. Roger. Tonytony is the ship’s doctor. He is a reindeer who was rejected by his herd because he had eaten a fruit that gave him the power to take on three different forms. He was raised by Hiluluk: a doctor who taught him his job.


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