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Bonekichi (One Piece)

A strange crew member

Bonekichi is shown here wearing a white kimono that has seen better days, it is torn at the bottom and at the sleeves. He is also wearing big flip-flops and his black hair usually styled with an afro is brought back in a small bun on the top of the head. We find of course his skeleton head with a part of the forehead fractured and he stands with his skeletal hands in front. Finally, he is pierced with several arrows with yellow tips in his torso and in his head.


A musician skeleton

Bonekichi, also called Soul King” Brook is a member of the crew of the pirate ship, the straw hat in the series and manga One Piece. This series takes place in a world covered in large parts by oceans and where many pirates are at war to find the ultimate treasure one day. Bonekichi is a musician but also one of the two sword fighters. He is one of the last to join the crew. He once ate the Yomi yomi no mi, which allowed him to be brought back to life after being killed. But it took so long for his soul to return to his body that all that remained of him was a skeleton with an afro. Since then, however, he has learned to master the other abilities given by yomi yomi no mi, namely controlling his own soul and the souls of others.


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