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Trafalgar Law (One Piece)

The pirate with the white cap

Trafalgar is the only one of his crew not to wear the uniform but on the contrary very personal clothes. We find this famous black coat with yellow patterns worn with his eternal blue jeans. At the level of the head, we find well this famous big white cap. Finally, he holds in his hand his sword and the other one is raised, probably to use one of the powers that allow him to avoid objects.


The captain of the submarine

Trafalgar Law is a character from the famous manga and anime One Piece. The story takes place in an imaginary world where the oceans are in the majority. We follow the adventures of many pirates but in particular the crew of the young Monkey Luffy. Trafalgar Law is the captain of another pirate ship which has the particularity of being a submarine. During a fight against the navy, he managed to save Luffy before he was captured.


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