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Shanks chase (One Piece)

The pirate and his hat

For this chase figure, Funko represented Shanks holding the straw hat he later gave to Luffy. He is otherwise wearing his usual outfit of beige pants, sandals and an open shirt over his chest. He wears a long blue cape that hides his missing arm and with the other he holds the famous hat. On his head, we find his red hair and the famous scar inflicted by Blackbeard.


A pirate like no other

Shanks is one of the many pirates in the manga and the anime One Piece. He was one of the crew members of Captain Gol D Roger’s ship before becoming the captain of his own ship The Red” because of his hair color. He lost his left arm when Luffy, the hero of the manga, saved him from a sea monster. For this reason, he always remained very friendly with Luffy and even gave him the straw hat he had from his legendary captain.


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