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Trafalgar Law Ope Ope No Mi (One Piece)

A powerful doctor

Trafalgar is shown here using the power given to him by the demon fruit. As always, he is wearing blue pants with animal paw prints and is bare-chested with a large heart tattoo. He is also wearing a long brown open coat and his famous white hat. He is in a fighting stance with his sword in one hand and producing some kind of blue lightning with the other. There is also blue lightning around his feet.


A pirate doctor

Trafalgar Law is an important character of the manga and the anime One Piece taking place in a world of pirates. Like many characters, he ate one of the demon fruits, which gave him the ability to summon a kind of blue aura that allows him to control anything inside, living or not. Trafalgar Law is a doctor and is the captain and ship’s doctor of the pirate ship Heart, a ship where the majority of the crew is composed of doctors. He teamed up with Luffy and the crew of the Straw Hat during the 4 Emperors arc.


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