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Tonytony Chopper Flocked (One Piece)

A soft reindeer

For this new version of the character, Funko decided to represent TonyTony in a flocked version, that is to say in a soft material with a peach skin touch. He is represented standing and we can see his little reindeer legs and his hooves and holds a stick in his hand. He is wearing a yellow and white t-shirt and red shorts. At the level of the head, he wears a big pink and blue hat and we find of course his reindeer antlers. On the face, we find as always his cheerful expression.


An unusual destiny

TonyTony Chopper is one of the heroes of the crazy manga and anime set in a world almost entirely covered by oceans and full of pirates and magic. He is a member of the crew of the pirate ship Chapeau De Paille” of the young captain Monkey. B. Luffy. Their goal throughout the series is to find the supposedly huge treasure of the pirate Gol D. Roger who disappeared a long time ago: the “One Piece”. Tonytony is one of the many magical creatures of the saga, he is a reindeer who ate one of the many famous magical fruits found in this world. This gave him the power to take on three different forms but for this reason he was rejected by his herd. Later, he was taken in and raised by Hiluluk, a doctor who taught him his job and allowed TonyTony to become the ship’s doctor.


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