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Usopp (One Piece)

A funny character

As in the series, Usopp is represented with this funny wide pants with a wool belt but nothing else on top but the suspenders holding his pants. He wears a beige hat with a strange shape on his thick black curly hair. Finally, he carries his bag across his torso and holds in his hands a slightly advanced version of a slingshot that he uses to fight.


Start small and work your way up

Usopp is a character from the famous manga and anime series One Piece. In this imaginary world covered mostly by oceans, we follow the adventures of the crew of the pirate ship The Straw Hat. Usopp is one of the first members and his official function is sniper. When he was younger and despite a certain cowardice, he wanted at all costs to be one of the brave pirates who criss-cross the seas. With a few other kids from his village, he had formed a band with rather modest packages but he named it Usopp’s Pirates” anyway.


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