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Brook (One Piece)

An unusual appearance

As in the series, we find of course his skeleton face with this thick black hair as well as his look very strongly inspired by the 70s. He wears flowered pants, an orange feathered jacket and improbable heart-shaped sunglasses. On his head, he wears a golden crown and he holds in his hand his favorite musical instrument: a green shark-shaped guitar.


The Living Skeleton

Brook is one of the crew members of the Straw Hat, the ship at the center of the One Piece manga’s story set in a world largely covered by oceans and where piracy is commonplace. Brook is a living skeleton that the crew found on a ghost ship. He was brought back to life thanks to his use of the Resurrection Fruit, which also gave him near immortality. He is the musician of the crew and also the second swordsman after Zoro.


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