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Vinsmoke Sanji (One Piece)

An inimitable look

As is most often the case in the series, Sanji is represented here with his elegant black suit well fitted and with a double row of golden buttons. His shirt is also golden yellow and matched with his long blond hair, a lock of which falls on his face. We can however always see a part of his face notably this funny eyebrow ending in spiral and his small black goatee. His posture is dynamic and he is using the technique developed by his family to boost the strength of their kicks.


The chef of the straw hat

Vinsmoke Sanji is the chef of the pirate ship the straw hat in the crazy manga One Piece. This manga takes place on an imaginary world covered mostly by oceans and where pirates are legion. Sanji is also one of the most powerful fighters on the ship and he comes from the Vinsmoke family, a powerful royal family that has developed many technologies such as cloning and others that make things much easier during the fight. Like all pirates, Sanji is wanted and although he has cut ties with his family, he deplores the fact that the name Vinsmoke continues to appear on his wanted notices.


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