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Shenron (Dragon Ball Z)

A dragon in the Asian tradition

For this super-sized figure, Funko has represented Shenron on the support containing the seven Dragon Balls allowing to summon him. In the purest Asian tradition, the dragon Shenron looks like a giant snake, his body coiled in a very graceful movement. The top of his body is covered with green scales and the bottom is yellow. He has two arms attached to his upper body and his head is very much like a dragon’s with its red eyes, fangs and the two kinds of wooden horns on top of his head.


The envoy of the Almighty

Shenron is an important character appearing in the famous manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z created by Akira Toriyama. In this manga, dragons like Shenron have the possibility to be summoned thanks to a magic formula when the person has gathered the seven Dragon Balls scattered around the world. The dragon must then grant his wish within the limits of what the Almighty can do. The Dragon Balls then become mere stones, unusable for the next year. Shenron is the first dragon to appear in history, he is summoned by Pilaf and later by Son Goku who asks him to resurrect Upa’s father.


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