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Shenron Jade (Dragon Ball Z)

A jade dragon

Funko has represented him in a jade version for this new version of Shenron, that is to say entirely green as if he was made of jade stone. He is a dragon in the Asian tradition with a long snake body coiled on itself. Close to his head, he has two legs with powerful claws like a big lizard and a very big head with two kinds of wood on the top, ridges on the top and sides and some kind of long whiskers. Finally he is represented on a base with the seven Dragon Balls.


The power of the dragon

Shenron is one of the dragons appearing in the famous manga and anime Dragon Ball Z. The power of these dragons is what gave its name to the anime. Indeed, if a person gathers seven dragon balls hidden in various parts of the world, he can then go to the dragon and ask him to realize one of his wishes, within the limit of what allows the Almighty, mystical being who would have created everything. Shenron is the most famous dragon because he was the first to appear in history. He will be summoned by Son Goku to resurrect Upa’s father.


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