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Skeletor on Panthor (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

A fierce duo

For this pop rides figure, Funko represented Skeletor on his mount Panthor, a kind of panther of purple color. It is a very big panther with yellow eyes and a wide open mouth. Skeletor is on his back with a green saddle and his bluish body. He wears very little clothes, just a kind of underwear and a purple cape hiding the back of his head but letting his green and yellow skeleton face appear.

A cult villain

Skeletor is the great villain of the universe of Musclor and the Masters of the Universe. It was primarily a series of toys released in the 80s which an animated series was adapted mainly to promote the toys. Skeletor lives on the alien planet Eternia where during each episode, he develops strategies to conquer the Castle of Shadows, a castle protected by many people in a magical way because its control would mean the control of the whole planet.


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