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She-Ra (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

A Warrior Princess

She-Ra is shown here in the costume she wears when she changes from Princess Adora to She-Ra. She wears a short white dress somewhat reminiscent of a Greek soldier’s uniform with a golden belt and matching golden boots. She is also holding a golden sword and shield. She has long blonde hair, a helmet with wings on the side of her head and a red cape.

A princess of power

She-Ra is the central character of the princesses of power toy license existing in the same universe as He-Man (Musclor in French). In order to promote this new line of toys at the time rather dedicated to little girls, the character was included in the cartoon Masters of the Universe. She-Ra is the alter ego of Princess Adora, herself the twin sister of Prince Adam. She has the same qualities of loyalty and compassion as well as the same superhuman powers (strength, speed and almost invulnerability). She is, however, a more thoughtful and tactical warrior than her brother.


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