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Prince Adam (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

Unforgettable style

Prince Adam is represented here with his rather colorful outfit as we see him in the series. He is wearing light purple tights and matching boots with white trim. He is also wearing a pink vest with a black belt over a white tunic. At the level of the head, we find his red hair with a fringe and cut to the square. Finally, he holds in his hand his famous magic sword.

The most powerful man in the world

Prince Adam is one of the main characters of the famous cartoon Masters of the Universe created in the mid-80s to promote the series of figurines released by Mattel a little before. It takes place on a planet mixing aliens and middle age. Prince Adam is the man who was appointed by the witch to protect the castle of the shadow which is coveted by many evil characters including the famous Skeletor. When he raises his magic sword, he transforms into He-Man and becomes the strongest man in the world.


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