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Sorceress (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

The Falcon Witch

Sorceress is shown here wearing the outfit she wears in the cartoon, which represents her ability to change into a falcon. She is wearing a white leotard with feathers and small blue boots. She stands with her arms spread out, spreading her orange falcon wings. At the level of the head, we find her orange hair with a kind of fringe forming a V on her forehead. She also wears a kind of white headdress with the face of a hawk with a blue beak on top.

A fate linked to the castle of shadows

Sorceress (the witch) is one of the main characters of the Masters of the Universe cartoon, inspired by the line of figurines created in the 80s by Mattel. The witch is the guardian of the castle of shadows on this planet with a medieval atmosphere. Her fate is tied to this castle and she can only leave it in the form of the falcon Zoar. She is the one who appointed Prince Adam to protect the Castle of Shadows from Skeletor’s attacks. She is also Teela’s mother.


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