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Merman (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

A funny creature

The Merman is a kind of cross between a man and a fish. His skin is green and his body is muscular. He wears yellow boots in the shape of his clawed feet and he also wears matching gloves and a chest and shoulder protector. He wears nothing else but an orange slip. On the head, we find his green face with big orange eyes and a mouth open on sharp teeth. On the sides, he has some kind of fins and gills that complete his fish look. Finally, he holds a silver metal spear in his hands.

The King of the Oceans

Mer-Man is a character from the 1980’s animated series Masters of the Universe, created to promote the toy line created by Mattel. He is part of the first line of action figures. Mer-Man is a member of a race of amphibian creatures of which he is the king. But he also seems to be the king of all creatures living in the oceans of the planet Eternia. Although he is real, he is also in the service of the terrible Skeletor whose goal is always the same in each episode, to take control of the castle of shadows to take control of the whole planet. Fortunately, Prince Adam in his form of Musclor is always there to prevent them.


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