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Kobra Khan (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

A not reassuring physique

Kobra Khan is represented here as we see him in the series and projecting his famous jet of acid. He’s just wearing a brown slip and boots with three big claws. His body is human but green and his head is that of a giant cobra and here he has his mouth wide open revealing his four large fangs. He also holds his orange weapon in his right hand.

A dark villain

Kobra Khan is a character created for the Masters of the Universe toy series and for the animated series that was adapted to promote it. The series takes place on the planet Eternia where everyone covets the Castle of Shadows which would give the one who controls it the power to control the whole planet. Kobra Khan is part of a race that is half man and half cobra and he has the power to project a jet of acid that puts his enemies to sleep. He is part of the evil team” and he pledges his allegiance to both the famous Skeletor and the Hssss king of snake men.


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