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Musclor (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

A strange warrior

The prince is represented here in his Muscles form. He wears very little clothing, which highlights his impressive musculature. He wears only brown boots with a kind of furry underwear that gives a caveman look. He also wears a kind of breastplate with a red cross in the center and two orange bracelets matching the belt of his underwear. He holds of course his silver sword in his right hand and holds his other fist tightly. At the level of the head, we find his orange hair cut to the square with a fringe falling on the forehead.

A famous hero

Musclor (He-Man in VO) is the alter ego of Prince Adam in the animated series Masters of the Universe. This series was originally created to promote a line of Mattel toys released in the 1980s. Prince Adam lives on the medieval planet Eternia. He has been appointed by the witch to protect the castle of shadows and prevent all those who covet it from taking control of it, which would give them great power and the ability to rule the entire planet. Prince Adam transforms into Muscles when he raises his magic sword, which gives him a formidable strength and power.


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