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Battle Armor Skeletor (Les Ma?tres de L’univers)

An inimitable appearance

Skeletor is represented here with his battle armor as we see it in the series. His skin is a light purple and he wears dark purple boots and a kind of black leotard with straps and a bat represented on his chest. In his hand he holds a stick with a purple goat’s head. Finally, at the level of the head, we find a purple hood revealing his face of yellow and green skeleton with red eyes.

Evil incarnate

Skeletor is one of the main characters of the 80’s cartoon, Masters of the Universe inspired by the toy line created by Mattel some time before. He lives on the planet Eternia where he is the representation of the ultimate evil. Throughout the series, his only goal is to attack the Castle of Shadows because that would allow him to take over the universe. But fortunately, the Castle of Shadows is protected by two of the most powerful beings in the universe: Prince Adam in his form of Muscleman, and the witch who gave him his power and whose fate is intimately linked to the castle.


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